2011 Hip Hop Awards Part 1

The DJ Rolemodel Don Julio 2011 Hip Hop Awards

Ok, well it is time for the 2nd Annual Don Julio Hip Hop (Rap) Awards. As Spin, Rolling Stone, & Pitchfork are all delivering their year end reviews, DJ Rolemodel & crew will be presenting this pseudo-year in review of hip hop music. Without further ado, some of the individual awards….

The “Bernie Fine” Most Disappointing Award

Hands down, this goes to Lil Wayne for “Tha Carter IV“. Lil Wayne, who has never met a song he wouldn’t drop a guest verse for surged in popularity over the last 5 years, and it’s no surprise that his Albums come with a lot of hype. However, with ear-cringing songs like “How To Love” & “Abortion“, it makes you think he has lost his touch. Primarily, he wins this award because we know he is capable of sooooo much more.

Last year’s winner: Ludacris

The “Rosie Huntington-Whiteley” Rookie of the Year Award

Given to the years best new face in the rap game, this was an award that delivered lots of star power with J. Cole, Mac Miller, Big Sean, Childish Gambino, all deserving their rookie acclaim. Ultimately, the winner is the Motown’s finest Big Sean with his album “Finally Famous” FF trumped its competitors with huge club hits “Dance” & “Marvin & Chardonnay“. Big Sean was also frequently found dropping guest verses including an appearance on the Diplo produced track “Slight Work” for Wale’s album.

Last Year’s winner: Drake

The “Dr. Dre” Missing in Action Award

Given annually to the rap artist that is nowhere to be found…and as usual the 2011 award goes to…Dr. Dre

Last Year’s Winner: Dr. Dre

The “Miami Heat” most Over-hyped Award

Easily handed out to Wiz Khalifa for “Rolling Papers“. Yes, “Black & Yellow” was a song that was ubiquitous through out the world, and admittedly a song that I really liked…however, the rest of the album is lackluster at best leaving the listener with no reason to replay it since B&Y could be heard anywhere and everywhere.

Last Year’s Winner: Rick Ross

The “Mac Lethal” Music Video Award

Yes, music videos still exist, and we had to name the award after internet sensation Mac Lethal. Spike Jonze made this an easy choice, with the freestyling, “we are rich and can do whatever we want” shenanigans featured in “Otis“. The guilty pleasure of saluting Fidel Castro, cutting up luxury cars, and well just plain acting a fool, brought me back to the days of high school…a time when music videos were fun.

Last Year’s Winner: On To the Next One by Jay-Z

The “Producers are Underrated” Producer of the Year Award

Goes to Bangladesh…the man behind “A Milli” a few years back returned with several huge club hits. It was a big year for Bangladesh with Nikki’s “Did it On Em” & Wayne’s “6 Foot 7 Foot“, but it was his work on Bad Meets Evil’s Album that secured this award. “Kiss” is one of the top tracks of the year, and it brings a sound that is unlike anything else we have heard in hip hop for years.

Last Year’s Winner: No I.D.

The “45” Best Comeback Award

Goes to Game, who has frequently shown that he has a huuuuuge identity crisis, including drastically changing his name from “The Game” to just “Game”. Game returned to relevance with one of the best albums of the year in his quest that he can succeed without 50.

Last Year’s Winner: Busta Rhymes

The “Betty White” Wait, You are Still Alive Award?

Beanie Sigel…who disproved his death by appearing on both Game and Travis Barker’s albums respectively.

Last Years Winner: Busta Rhymes

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