Dance Edits

Another project of mine is creating dance cut edit for a variety of performing teams. Client list includes The Phoenix Suns Dance Team, San Antonio Spurs Silver Dancers, Minnesota Timberwolves Dance Team, Cal Berkley Dance Team, Arizona Rattlers “Sidewinders”, Seton Catholic Prep Dance Team, Notre Dame Prep, & various other local high schools.

The following are clips of the dancers using some of my edits.

Timberwolves Dancers – March 23rd, 2016

Bye Bye Bye Edit

Timberwolves Dancers – March 21st, 2016

Jumpman Edit

Suns Dancers – March 21st, 2016 –

House Party (Country Edit)

Timberwolves Dancers – March 26th, 2016 –

Pour Some Sugar on Me  X Birthday Cake Edit


Suns Dancers – February 25th, 2016

70’s Edit

Suns “Golden Grannies” Dance Team – January 21st, 2016

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