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  1. I was curious to see if you do private events. I was at American Junkie this past Saturday and heard you play and I was very impressed. I am getting married in April at the Hilton in Scottsdale and would like to know what you would charge to Dj the party. I have a Dj friend of mine from La that will be the MC, so all you would be needed for is to do what you do and play music. Please let me know if thats something you would be interested in. Thank you.

  2. hey sir, you played a song right before sexy bitch at junkie on Saturday, 6/23. It’s electronic and it’s “deep” (doodoo doo…..Doodoo doo…doodoo…do.) i hope this helps. I know you probably don’t remember, but I’ve been trying to find this song for weeks… any help would be hugely appreciated sir. fantastic set last night btw

    1. Hey sorry it took so long to reply. I went back and checked my set list. The song before Sexy Bitch was “Calle Ocho” by Pitbull. It samples an old dance song called “The Bomb’ by the Bucketheads.

  3. hey no worries player, Thanks very much for the help but that wasn’t it. I can’t find it anywhere… it is a very illusive track to find…Thoroughly enjoying the June Workout Mix. Keep it going sir.

  4. I hope this finds you well,

    You were my first podcast!!! Awesome live it wondering if you could do an adele workout mix? Also look for me on Facebook FanPage Jc Remedios like me and post on my page I’m sure most of my followers are gonna love you too… If you ever come out to miami hmu! Will set u up around town…

  5. Hi, LOVE your mixes!! Could you let me know if I’m able to use these mixes in some of my freestyle classes at gym? Thanks in advance!


  6. Hi, LOVE your mixes! I’m wondering if I’d be able to use these workout mixes in some of my freestyle classes at gym? I couldn’t find any licensing info on the site. Thanks in advance!

  7. Don’t know if you still reply to these. But February Mix 2015 between the 10:05 and 13:49 mark. What is that song called? Its from Imagine Dragon But I feel as if its your own personal edit. Thanks for your time

  8. Hi, Mr. Model!!! It has been a while since I have written. It is season here in South Florida and it is busy. I’ve really enjoyed the latest mixes. VERY GOOD. Would you please consider doing a Lady Gaga podcast? I know her BPM varies on her music but she’s awesome. maybe 130 BPM?

    i still need to take a picture of my class and send it to you. Are you coming to South Florida soon?

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