Rolemodel Presents: Kanye West – Completed March 28th, 2018

April 2018 Workout Mix – Completed March 27th, 2018

Vert Pomme Workout Mix – Completed March 20th, 2018

Latin Mix – Completed March 15th, 2018

Key 9 Workout Mix – Completed March 13th, 2018

January-February 2018 Pop Review

*Clean Mix* – Various BPM – Super-quick mixing of over 50 of the top songs in the world during January & February 2018. The first two months of the year were dominated by Camila Cabello, latin sounds, and the newest country music sensation, Justin Timberlake :). My personal favorites were “Does It Matter” by Janieck & “Location” (cover) by Axshn, oh and anything off the Black Panther soundtrack! Shout out to Ellie in Jersey! Best wishes & great luck! Instagram: @djrolemodel ❤❤❤ #djrolemodel

Enjoy the Mix Here!