Labor Day 2017 Live Mix

*Explicit Mix* – Various BPM – Live set from Denver, Colorado! An open-format mix to fuel your workouts! Thank you for the support, I appreciate you! Instagram: @djrolemodel ❤❤❤ #djrolemodel

Listen to the mix here!


Luciana Workout Mix

*Explicit Mix* – 128BPM – Luciana Caporaso, simply known as Luciana is the First Lady of Dance music. You may not know her name, but you know her voice as she has been featured on the workout mix series for years. She has a fearless attitude to go along with her progressive bad ass style. – Side note, some of the older podcast episodes will be deleted soon. Thank you for the support, I appreciate you! Instagram: @djrolemodel ❤❤❤ #djrolemodel

Play the mix here!

September 2017 Workout Mix

*Clean Mix* – 128 BPM – September mix starts off with pop-dance sounds and finishes with a deep house vibe perfect for the cardio sessions. For those of you that have asked, the long-time opening intro is Big Sean & Kanye’s voice followed by “Come Find Me” in French. Traveling around the world, and might be in your city next… come find me! Instagram: @djrolemodel ❤❤❤ #djrolemodel

Download Here!

Bassjackers Workout Mix

*Clean Mix* – 128BPM – Marlon Flohr & Ralph van Hilst make up the popular Dutch duo Bassjackers. They have been featured many times on the workout mix, and their high-energy sound are perfect for crushing the weights, or knocking out the cardio.
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Disclaimer* – I do not own the rights for these songs, and I do not make money of the mixes. Mix is for promotional use only.
Listen to the mix here!